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Cox Media believe that for companies to survive in the future they require an understanding of:

  • the way people spend their leisure time and money
  • technology and marketing trends internationally and in Australia
  • the ratings and market performance of the competition

Cox Media are leading experts in analysing ratings and circulation for television, radio, newspapers, magazines and Pay TV. Peter Cox and Nigel Dick have each been studying the industry trends and viewer ratings every day for over 30 years.

Peter Cox began analysing television ratings when he became Business Manager to Michael Willesee and his television production company in 1976. Over the next four years Trans Media developed into one of the most successful television production companies in Australia producing over one thousand editions of the top rating program “Willesee at Seven”. During this period they were located at ATN7 and were largely responsible for the Seven Network winning the ratings for the only three years in its history.
Peter analyses both free-to-air television and Pay TV and provides commentary for clients, the industry and the media.

Nigel Dick analysed television ratings in his sales, marketing and chief executive roles in the Nine and Seven Networks and TV New Zealand. As one of the top salesmen in the history of the television industry Nigel is a leading speaker on sales motivation. Nigel still analyses the television ratings and provides advice on programming and ratings strategy to the advertising industry and in the media.

Both Peter and Nigel study not only the ratings but also analyse the trends in advertising revenue in the traditional media; television, newspapers, magazines, outdoors, cinema, Below The Line and Direct Marketing and also the New Media including Pay TV, the Internet and the mobile phone.

Trends in these industries have been included in the submissions prepared by Cox Media for the AANA submissions to the Government’s Digital Reviews including international comparisons with the US and UK.

For more information, please contact us at 0413676326 or petercox@coxmedia.com.au.