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The Digital Revolution

“In my 35 years in the media industry I have never seen such rapid technological, market and regulatory changes that we are witnessing today. Every company and individual in Australia is affected by the paradigm shift occurring in the media, communications and entertainment markets caused by the Digital Revolution in Australia and around the world. Whether as an advertiser, supplier, regulator, player or consumer the rapidly evolving media landscape provides challenges to your commercial future and corporate image. The changes threaten the future of some existing businesses and create opportunities for the smart and the brave.

I have been fortunate that a number of outstanding industry experts who each have at least 25 years hands on experience in the industry in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, have agreed to join an advisory panel. Each are leading experts in their fields of media economics, financial analysis, technology and ratings and are all independent with extensive contacts in their industries.

Cox Media provides services including speakers and seminars, ratings analysis, consulting, research analysis, lobbying, and business modeling of the media, communications and entertainment industry.

Our objective is to use our expertise in analysing the industry and forecasting future trends to provide your company with information and strategic financial business models to exploit critical business opportunities.

I look forward to discussing these opportunities with you. Please call me directly on 0413676326 to discuss your needs”

Peter J. Cox BEc MBA