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Peter Cox SpeakerPeter Cox is an outstandingly informative and entertaining speaker on the media industry for conferences, senior management and client presentations. He examines the development of the global “Digital Revolution” and the opportunities and threats to all businesses.

In my over 30 years in the media industry I have never seen such rapid technological, market and regulatory changes that we are witnessing today. The changes threaten the future of some existing businesses and create opportunities for the smart and the brave. Consider the structural threats –

  • digital disruption and disintermediation to legacy businesses
  • smart phones and tablets to PCs and laptops
  • online businesses to newspaper classifieds
  • transactional to subscription
  • online retailing to bricks and mortar retailers
  • below the line to traditional media
  • music downloads to the recording industry
  • piracy and on-demand to the movie industry
  • podcasting and digital to radio
  • videostreaming IPTV on broadband to FTA
  • PVR to advertising
  • multichannelling to pay TV

Finally all these developments effect the way you and your company markets and advertises itself to the media, the consumers, the financial markets, the regulators and the government.


Peter is the foremost independent economist, analyst and public speaker on the media and communications industries in Australia.
Peter is a highly authoritative, eloquent and dynamic presenter who speaks for up to three hours using brilliant colour slides and video.
His infectious enthusiasm entertains audiences with no knowledge of the subject as well as industry experts.
Peter analyses the television ratings every morning and researches how consumers are spending their leisure expenditure and what they are watching, listening to, reading and playing. Learn how these trends are building new businesses and opportunities.


This is a crucial one to three hour seminar for the future of your business.

Board Rooms – essential for Chief Executives, Directors and management of all companies

Client presentations – informative and valuable for clients of advertising agencies, accountants, legal advisors, stockbrokers, investment funds and bankers

Conferences – authoritative and entertaining speaker, moderator or chairman for your conference, event or dinner

Each presentation is tailored to the specific audience to maximize the value to your organisation.


Peter has been invited to be chairman or speaker at over 70 industry conferences in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. Since 1993 Peter has regularly presented seminars on understanding “The Information Superhighway” and subsequently “The Digital Revolution” to major corporations, industry associations and the government including; AANA, ACP Publishing, AMP, Arthur Andersen, Australian Defence Industries, Bankers Trust, CEASA, CEDA, Channel 9, DOTAC, George Patterson, J. Walter Thompson, KPMG Peat Marwick, Macquarie Bank, Merchant and Partners, Nielsen, Optus Communications, Westpac and executives attending many media conferences.


Please call Peter Cox on 0413 676 326 or email petercox@coxmedia.com.au to discuss your requirements and he will tailor a presentation for your audience.