Media Economics and Analysis

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Peter Cox BEc MBA is the foremost independent media economist, analyst and public speaker on the communications and media industries in Australia.

Cox Media is an industry leader in media economics research and analysis, understanding of new technologies and markets, assessing international industry trends and global developments, valuing companies and in building and evaluating complex business models.
With an academic background Peter entered the media industry from investment banking in 1976. He was the first to take a “top down” approach by analysing the economics of the industry, the relative performance of the segments and the relationship of the industry to the overall economy.
Cox Media’s credibility for media research and analysis was established by publicly predicting the financial collapse of the commercial television networks in the late 80’s and subsequently forecasting the huge losses of the pay TV operators in the early 90’s.

Over the last 35 years Cox Media has provided media economics research and advice to clients including the Government, Senate Select Committees, Australian and overseas suppliers, bankers and investors in the media and communications industries including.

  • In 1989 Cox Media published a study “Network Television Stations: What are they really worth?” which analysed the financial, marketing and operating performance of the networks and accurately predicted their financial collapse.
  • This was followed by a report “Regional Television: The impact of aggregation” which developed extensive financial models demonstrating to the government the financial crisis confronting regional television operators resulting in substantial Government assistance.
  • Commissioned by The Department of Transport and Communications in 1990 to develop an independent model on the effect the introduction of Pay TV in Australia would have on the commercial television industry. This report was instrumental in changing the Government decision to favour introducing Pay TV.
  • Appointed consultant to the Senate Select Committee on Subscription Television Broadcasting Services.
  • Prepared the first three year corporate business plan for the Government funded Australian Multimedia Enterprise which was formed to encourage the production of Australian interactive multimedia products and services.
  • Provided advice to the committees of Australia’s leading racing clubs on the future prospects of Pay TV for the racing industry. This analysis included extensive analysis of competitive gambling, the future growth of machines and casinos and the threats to the future viability of the industry.
  • Produced independent examination of an investment proposal to the board of a major media company, prepared financial models and met with prospective partners in Australia and Asia.
  • Developed a report for a leading Australian Bank on Multichannelling which was presented to the Government as background information for the proposed reviews of Digital TV.
  • Commissioned by The Australian Association of National Advertisers to provide independent submissions to the Government reviews of Multichannelling and a Fourth Commercial Network.
  • Provided an International comparison of the performance of Pay TV and movie channels for US studios.


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