George Green

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George Green BSEE

george-greenGeorge Green is a world-leading expert on broadband data networks and last mile solutions for broadband modems, residential gateways and Ethernet and DSL Set Top terminals for streaming video and interactive video-on-demand systems.

George’s career began in television broadcasting R&D in the UK and subsequently extended in the same at Bell Northern Research and CBS Labs in North America. In 1980 he Joined Rogers Cable Systems development team in Canada and was a pioneer in the deployment of Pay TV technologies throughout North America. He then worked on the development and deployment of Cable and Satellite systems at Zenith Corporation, Scientific Atlanta and General Instrument.

George has been fortunate in his career to always be associated with the introduction of pioneering technologies for broadcast and broadband systems. At Bell Northern Research in Ottawa, Canada he pioneered the first use of Ku band satellite technology for video transmission systems and at CBS Labs he developed leading edge video enhancement technologies for broadcast applications.

Subsequently George was responsible for introducing the first Pay TV Set Tops in North America, Brazil, Greece, Venezuela, and Indonesia and in Australia. At Scientific Atlanta and General Instrument he pioneered the introduction of MPEG 2 digital video transmission systems for satellite and broadcast applications.

In Australia Cox Media provided strategic advice to George at General Instrument, a world leader in satellite digital compression technology that was deployed by HBO in North America, on the introduction of GI into Australia.

Cox and Green successfully lobbied the Government to have key technical parameters included in the 1992 Broadcasting Services Act that covered their client’s proprietary system for the initial deployment of satellite digital compression for Pay TV. General Instrument were successful in gaining the original contract for the supply of satellite encoding and set top receivers for Australis and cable set tops to Optus.

Since 1992 George focused his business development efforts in the Asia Pacific region and has operated in every country from New Zealand to Japan, including China and India. In 1993 he took up permanent residence in Hong Kong where he was the Managing Director for five years, initially for General Instrument and then for Antec International, now Arris. In both cases George established a strong and leading presence for these corporations and built up regional offices and local staffing throughout the entire Asia Pacific region.

In 1999 George helped to build a new venture in Broadband Wireless (WiFi) solutions for which he received a patent. As well he worked with SeaChange International to introduce their Video On Demand systems to the Asia Pacific region.

In 2001 George began his own company, Pacific Broadband Inc. to introduce last mile technologies for broadband networks across the entire Asia Pacific region. This included broadband modems, Fiber-to-the Home (FTTH) solutions, wireless gateways and Ethernet and DLS MPEG 2 Set Tops. More recent projects have involved system consulting services where Pacific Broadband has assisted two technology companies develop new business plans and raise first level funding of between $5 to $12 million.

In 2010 George refocused Pacific Broadband Inc. to cater solely on domestic businesses in Hong Kong and established a new company Cablsat Limited to focus solely on international business opportunities. George is the President and CEO of Cablsat Limited and is currently very active in the Japan Cable TV, Broadband and Solar Powering markets where he provides technology solutions to partners in Japan.

George has offices in Hong Kong and in Vancouver Canada and has many years of experience in providing technology advice in India, China, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines and in Australia.

In 1971 George graduated from Plymouth Polytechnic in the U K with a Diploma in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) He has been awarded three patents, one for video enhancement techniques in broadcast television cameras, one in consumer electronics for a programmable remote control systems used in Set Top terminals and another in broadband wireless (WiFi) applications. Amongst his many other achievements he has given numerous papers on new technology developments and trends throughout the entire Asia Pacific region.

In conclusion George has extensive background experience in developing new business ventures in broadcasting, satellite and broadband systems throughout the entire Asia Pacific. He and Cablsat Limited offer invaluable advice and know how to others interested in entering and expanding their business opportunities in this field anywhere in the Asia Pacific region.